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Clever Shave – giving the world a better shave!

Enjoy the perfect shave, day after day, while getting up to 5x extra use from your favourite razor – saving you money and fewer used razors going into landfill.
Clever Shave’s shaving-aid products are the Get Stroppy and The Artisan – both optimise the effectiveness of razor blades, ensuring really great shaves with the feel of a ‘brand new’ razor.


The Happy Squatter is a new toilet step which helps you go to the loo easier.

Essentially, it help you raise your feet, which in turn puts something called your 'puborectalis muscle' into a 35-degree position. This replicates the “Caveman” squat while using a modern flush toilet.

The Happy Squatter features an anti-bacterial additive impregnated into the plastic material which kills 99.99% of all germs on contact, making it the first anti-bacterial toilet step to hit the market. 

The team at The Happy Squatter call it the ‘Semi-Squat.’ The Happy Squatter is a one-size-fits-all toilet stool designed to help you get into the Semi-Squat.



No more midnight mishaps with the new WeeWee Light!

When nature calls, no-one enjoys stumbling about in the dark, and turning on bright lights can disrupt getting back to sleep! That’s why you need a WeeWee Light in your life (and bathroom)!

It only takes a minute to install and fits easily onto any toilet – guaranteed or your money back. It’s also simple to clean – simply wipe with a damp cloth. The LED light can rotate from red to orange, blue, green, purple, pink and yellow – or you can set it onto your favourite colour.