Clever Shave

Clever Shave – giving the world a better shave!


Enjoy the perfect shave, day after day, while getting up to 5x extra use from your favourite razor – saving you money and fewer used razors going into landfill.
Clever Shave’s shaving-aid products are the Get Stroppy and The Artisan – both optimise the effectiveness of razor blades, ensuring really great shaves with the feel of a ‘brand new’ razor.
The DenimXtra surface on the Get Stroppy and The Artisan is designed to clean your razor by removing microscopic rust and dust, leaving the blades in pristine condition. The upward strokes of the cleaning action also straightens the blades, ensuring the smoothest shave possible!
Get Stroppy is our animal-friendly, denim version of the old fashioned Barber’s Strop (made of leather). The Artisan is made of sustainable rubberwood and comes with a handy travel bag. 
The stylishly presented Clever Shave products make perfect gifts for people interesting in using environmentally sustainable, hand-crafted by artisan makers, while supporting fair wages and encouraging education in craft skills.


How Clever Shave Strops Work